Hello, my name is Cory Hamilton. I’m a 35 year old award winning artist/ woodworker. I was born in Palm Springs and raised up in the beautiful hi desert town of Yucca Valley. For the last 15 years I've specialized in the design & creation of high end custom furniture, small and large scale sculptures, as well as the painting of interior/ exterior murals and fine art paintings. I work from my home workshop/studio in Yucca Valley with ‪Joshua Tree National Park as my backyard, playground and place of inspiration. It’s a joy to work from my home with my wife and three small kids just down the hall from me! 

Art and woodworking are in my veins and I have been practicing since I was very young. With my start, I apprenticed many years under my father who is a published custom home builder learning how to blend woodworking and craftsmanship with art and design. In my later teenage years I was fortunate to have my uncle as my high school art teacher who helped guide with his wisdom in sculpting, and painting. Aside from a few art and sculpting classes at my local community college, (Copper Mountain College) the majority of my artistic foundation was built from God given talents and years of teaching from my Dad and Uncle. I take on custom furniture, sculpture, and mural commissions from in and around the Palm Springs, Orange County, and Lake Arrowhead areas. I enjoy being able to dream up, make scaled designs, and from those designs having the ability to turn them into 3-Dimensional pieces of functional sculpture, furniture, architectural details, etc. My passion for designing/creating custom furniture and unique sculptures from any period or style keeps my inspirational fires burning each day. Each sculpture is hand carved in wood, and finished with acrylic/ metal paints. Even the sections of sculpture that seem metal is carved wood with a faux metal finish. I feel blessed to be a published artisan with a write up of my custom furniture, wood sculpture, and painting in the Oct. 2016 issue of Palm Springs Life!

Awards & Press

The last few years have been awesome with gaining exposure through showing my furniture and sculpture in juried art shows (‪Indian Wells Arts Festival, and the Palm Springs Juried Art Show at the Desert Art Center.)

02/18- Winner of “Peoples Choice Award” at the Palm Springs Juried Art Show for wood sculpture, “Nefertiti Revisited.” 

11/17- Ten foot tall hand carved wood sculptures of jellyfish featured in the coffee table art book named “Under The Sea” published by Out Of Step Books. Featuring under the sea themed art from top artists around the world.

01/17- 1st Place Award at the Palm Springs Juried Art Show at the Desert Art Center for a life sized wood sculpture of a half coyote/ half robot. 

10/16- 5 page artisan profile about custom furniture, sculpture and painting in Palm Springs Life Magazine.

01/16-  Winner of the "Peoples Choice Award” At the Palm Springs Juried Art Show at the Desert Art Center for wood sculpture of a life sized bust of a half man/ half robot named “Man-Droid.” 

07/15- CV (Coachella Valley) Weekly “Wood Artist Feature”

04/15- 1st place and Blue Ribbon Winner for 'Utilitarian Furniture' at Indian Wells Arts Festival

October 2014- My first piece of rustic modern custom furniture featured in Palm Springs Life Magazine